Jazz D’Vine Entertainment

Recognized in Toronto’s Christian community for its series of Inspirational Jazz concerts, Jazz D’Vine Entertainment continues to grow, and now includes a variety of high-quality productions including stage plays, short films and its on-line radio show, the Jazz D’Vine Smooth Groove.

Jazz D’Vine Entertainment prides itself on pulling all this together through its creative writing division that has crafted inspirational spoken word poetry, theatrical productions, short films, comedy sketches, and content for their radio show.

Founded in 2009 to spread the gospel through poetry, Jazz D’Vine Entertainment has expanded over the years to join forces with Hi-Five Entertainment to produce the talk show Pastor’s Corner, and has collaborated and participated with entities like The Gospel Café and You Inspire Me Women in their annual events.

The Owner received an Award of Recognition in 2013 for launching the Jazz D’Vine Entertainment Scholarship that has benefited five children in the Caribbean since 2011.

Jazz D’Vine Entertainment strives for excellence in its productions, and aims to bring only quality entertainment to its audience. We continue in our mission to serve the community to the best of our abilities.