Jazz D’Vine Entertainment – Scholarship Fund

A person who is not constantly learning new things is a person who is sure to become stagnated and get left behind. We live in an ever changing world where policies and technology are creating a constantly changing environment. The one who will succeed in this ever changing world is one who is dedicated to learning from the school of life. This makes education an integral and prominent focus in our societies. To move forward in this world knowledge is necessary and can be attained through formal education.

The Karlene Millwood Scholarship for education was formulated out of this realization. Growing up in the Caribbean the importance of education was expounded by family and teachers alike. Taking this to heart Karlene applied herself to learning over the years and has attained a post graduate degree that has provided a foundation to master many of the ventures that she currently undertakes.

Experiencing financial difficulties herself during high school, Karlene understands the struggles that many parents in the Caribbean face financing their child or children’s education, Karlene is offering her assistance in this area to ensure that a child gets the education that he or she desires. It is with this in mind that she has launched this scholarship.

To assist a family that is struggling financially to send a child to high school, by offsetting some of the expenses.

The Kendal All Age School, Manchester, Jamaica.

Age of Child:
12 to 14

Award Criteria:
1. Must meet the required age
2. Must have been successful in the GSAT exams
3. Must receive excellent grades in school (75% and up)
4. Must have excellent attendance record (in attendance at least 80% of required school days)
5. Participates in extra curricular activities
6. Participates in class events
7. Demonstrates a good attitude and good behaviour
8. Must be honest and hard working


  1. Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship should write an essay (1.5 pages maximum) explaining why they should be considered for the scholarship.
  2. Deadline for submitting essays is April 30 of the current year. Scholarship is to be awarded in July of the current year.
  3. Students will provide their mid-term and end-of-year report cards to us so that we can monitor their progress to ensure that the scholarship is, or has been, beneficial during their school year. In addition, at the end of their first year, each student is expected to write another essay explaining how the scholarship has benefitted them over the year.