For Passionate artistes only!!!

Are you a writer or an actor who is tired of playing the waiting game?

You wait to be recognized by an agent. You get the agent, then you wait for someone to buy your script, or hire you for a role, then you wait for funding, then you wait for production to begin, then you wait for… You get it.

Are you tired of all the waiting? Wait no more!

Join the Jazz D’Vine community of inspired artistes, writers, actors and directors who are motivated to produce their own work.

The Cold Reading Series is a collaborative event where like-minded individuals meet to share their work and find quality material to produce. All it takes is being in the right place at the right time.

Quit growing old waiting around and come cold read your work, or hone your skills acting in one of the featured scripts.

Enter your work in short script, short play or short story challenges and get recognition for your hard work.

ALL are welcome.

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