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Every summer the sweet sounds of jazz overflow Toronto’s parks and streets. The Annual TD Jazz Festival ran from June 20 to July1, 2013 and the Beaches Jazz Festival, which started July 19th ended on the 28th. I love jazz in all its forms but as I checked out the line up of artistes this year, as in previous years, I did not immediately notice any inspirational jazz in the mix. What’s up with that Toronto?

When I think of places like New Orleans that also has an annual jazz festival, there is always a Christian-spiritual aspect to it. The likes of Kirk Whalum and Ben Tankard have played there in the past, and to my surprise Vashawn Mitchell was on the roster for 2013! Again I ask, what’s up with that Toronto? Is there no room for The Most High God in your events and activities?

Now it’s possible that there may be Inspirational Jazz artistes among the fine artists in Toronto’s line up but I just don’t recognize their names. I would like to see a jazz festival including the likes of Angella Christie, Kirk Whalum, Cameron Ross, Harold Rayford, Allen & Allen and Sam Levine, just to name a few of the more easily recognizable names.

I was working in an organization a few years ago and I came to a place where I knew the job inside-out. Before long I became bored with the same old, and longed for new and challenging tasks. When none was forthcoming I created my own task which turned out to be a valuable tool to the organization – five thousand dollars valuable. That was the amount of my bonus that year as a result of creating the tool. I say that to say this, if what you want is not available you have to create it. Fill the gap.

I think it is safe to say we have started down that road with the shows that we produce each year. Some of the best local inspirational artistes have graced our stage and the quality of the events continues to improve with each production. God gave us this wonderful thing to do and He will continue to move it into the direction that He desires it to go. We are simply the vessels to do what He wants.

In order for us to put on inspirational events of that magnitude we need you, the gospel community, to support us. That said I extend sincere thanks to those who have been supporting Jazz D’Vine Entertainment over these past years. Your patronage has made it possible for us to continue doing what we are doing and love to do. Next time you come out to one of our events, don’t come alone bring a friend or two and let’s build up to that festival that I am envisioning.

Keep walking in God’s favour.


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