Marcia Brackett

Smooth. Jazzy. Worshipful.

It’s poetic and encouraging. Marcia Brackett successfully blends the smooth sounds of contemporary jazz melodies with silky smooth vocals in songs and spoken word for a masterfully created first CD. She artfully balances the old with the new for an enjoyable listening experience across demographics. From start to finish the music is soothing; you will relax but you will not go to sleep. I guarantee you that you will want to stay awake to listen to every word in every song. They are that captivating.

The songs I Give You My All, Forgive Me Lord and I Cry Out are prayerful and reflective. They take you into that secret place where you want to be alone with the Lord to have that one on one intimacy. The only instrument on I Cry Out is the piano. This provides a raw, honest and open worship experience. If you have ever had to cry out to God for any reason, if you have ever needed to feel Him near, you will appreciate this song. Another single instrument track that I found to be soulfully poignant is The Greatest Thing. This one is done with only an organ, giving it a nice Sunday morning feel.

It is difficult to decide which is my favourite track on the disc. Whenever I choose one, I hear another one which could be and so I conclude that all the tracks are my favourite. No exaggeration. I love the lyrics, the melodies, her voice and the backing music. It is the complete smooth jazz experience. Your Love, Rain and Russian Roulette are three of my modern favourites. As someone who loves the rain, I can picture myself listening and writing to this during a nice, light rain shower, or even a heavy downpour. I would be in my zone. The rock guitar in Russian Roulette gives it a hard edginess but the subdued funkiness of the track chips the edge right off and leaves that certain element of smooth.

Strange Fruit is another one that grabbed me early on. The name of the song reminds me of Billie Holiday, as she also did a jazz song way back when with the same name. When I heard the intro I thought I was going to hear Anita Baker’s Been Too Long, but they threw me off then pulled me back with something sweet and brand new. Very smooth. The Outro also has that Anita Baker feel to it.

The CD is a good listen and I recommend it. Some of these tracks are available for listening on YouTube. Or visit the Jazz D’Vine page on Facebook. We have added a couple of them there. I hope your listening experience will be as enjoyable as mine was.

Happy Listening!

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