Jeff Majors

This man is in a class all by himself. How many saved brothers with long dreadlocks who plays the harp and runs nine radio stations, while producing sweet, soulful inspirational music do you know? I’m putting out the challenge for you to name another one. Just one.

I first heard about Jeff Majors on The Oprah Winfrey Show a few years ago. She was touting one of his songs as a favourite of hers, and the one song she likes to wake up to every morning. Being as magnanimous as Oprah, it came as no surprise that she would have him performing her favourite, Psalm 23, on the show. I also fell in love with the song that day and wrote on a sticky note “look for Jeff Majors’ CD”. I posted the sticky note on my fridge door and it stayed there until it faded to a pale, ghastly version of its original vibrant yellow. The ink also faded and was barely legible. I took the note down and trashed it, but still didn’t go to purchase the CD.

It wasn’t until yearssss (OK…maybe minus of the s’es) later that I came across Jeff Majors’ name again. This time I promptly went on Amazon and ordered Sacred Major 7th. To my surprise there was a whole series of Sacreds. I stuck with the 7th and when I received it did not waste time listening. After all it had been years. I was greeted with what I dubbed Motown gospel. Gerald Levert, one of my favourite singers, added his deep soulful balladeer voice to the first track, Beggar, and the experience just got better. I took that CD to every get-together I was invited to back then and asked the host(ess) to play it at some point during the festivities. The reaction was the same almost everywhere. “I had never heard Motown gospel before” and ‘This is so good. I’m going to buy it”, or “It’s kind of soulful and a little jazzy. This is nice. Where did you get it?”

It did not take long before I bought Sacred 6 and Sacred Eighth. I keep going through the collection and I have yet to be disappointed. Some of my favourites from Jeff are He’s Listening, New Birth, Amen, Psalm 23, and Psalm 99. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Kelly Price adds her vocal touch to God’s Gift – an inspiring song that reminds us that each of us is God’s gifts to the world. Heaven’s Just a Breath Away is another favourite.
No matter which of the CDs you are listening to, you will find that Jeff stays true to his style. Whether they are vocals or instrumentals, they are inspiring and great to listen to. His mastery of the harp is second to none. I’m saying that as a harp novice since I don’t know of many others who play that instrument. Even if I came across someone else, Jeff Majors is now indelibly etched on my mind, so they would have a hard time convincing me that anybody is better.

As I close this review I am grooving to the sounds of Amen. How very fitting.

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